23 October 2007

Yet again with the silence and stuff...

Hey again!

ConGlomCo's been busting my butt again. I'm sure that most of the people who read this don't really care much, but it's been tough. I've been there for only one year again, but for a multitude of reasons -- well, really two, but they're pretty darned big reasons -- I'm looking for another job again. Because of this, my available free time has really been limited.

In the intervening since my last post though, I embarked on another project as well. I have never written an FAQ before, but I managed to write one and post it to gameFAQs.com . If anyone is interested, it is an FAQ for the game Railroad Tycoon 3. I found this game to be a lot of fun, and I was rather surprised by the fact that I did not burn my enjoyment of this game out by writing the FAQ. I still need to scan one last submission to complete the FAQ, but it's pretty darned comprehensive.

One day, this blog will probably be filled with all the exploits I've had while searching for a job in one of the United States' worst possible places to find lucrative employment. Suffice it to say that for the time being, and until I actually find the job, I will likely stay close-lipped. Considering some of the jobs that I have applied for though, I think that there may be some interesting stories placed here. I have applied at places that would make ConGlomCo seem insignificant as well as a few places that I could have run out of my house. Last time I went through this process, it took me roughly three months or so... as far as I am concerned, the clock has been running since about late September.

Thanks for all your support, and I'll keep updating when I can!