07 September 2010

First day:

It's been a couple weeks since the last post. There's been a ton of real-life stuff going on, as I'm sure that most people can imagine. As it is, I'm drafting this post from "work" (I'm in orientation, and since they finished it so quickly, I'm chilling my heels before the final step.)

So far, there's a ton of boxes that still need unpacking, and probably won't be unpacked because we have a bit less space than we did before. While we have two floors now, there's not quite as much room in the whole house due to the fact that we had a complete basement to work with. This time, we have a fraction of the space because the house's owner has blocked out space in the basement, and our old house had more basement space.

That's just as well, there was no way that I wanted to unpack a whole lot of boxes, I'm currently renting compared to purchasing a house for the next year. This will give us the time to put our finances in shape, get rid of our other house, and allow us to be able to save for a decent down payment. Even if it takes eighteen months to finish the deal, so to speak, it's definitely worth getting a nice place that we can put down a few roots at.

I hope that this will be one of the last places I will be working at, though even if it is not I still hope that this will be more than a five-year hitch. It'd give me the time to finish my Econ studies and go forward from there.

So, pretty soon, I will hopefully be able to get stable and have some time to do some more writing. I will be continuing with Megane 6.7 on the process of writing our latest MSTing, and there's still three series that I need to check out. I'm on a FAAAAST connection, and I will be trying to get a few storage drives to take advantage of the fact, so there will be some anime to watch. I will definitely be in (my old) town for Youmacon, during Halloween weekend, and the kids will be able to visit their grandparents at the same time.

I'm eager to get this page of my life in motion, to be able to enjoy life with my wife and family more, and hopefully this will afford me the stability that will give me time to write more too.