27 November 2009

We're still here.

Rifftrax is coming out with another theater presentation of Rifftrax, this time with Christmas shorts in mid-December. Even so, I still miss the old MST3k with the songs and the characters. On the other hand, it was a mini-success for ten years, so maybe in another decade someone else will give the concept a go. By that time, we can get all of the 80's schlock (at least, the stuff that may not get covered by Rifftrax) up onto the MST3k screen.

Megane and I are still working to get another MSTing out. Thankfully, my schedule has finally shaken out a bit better to be able to write with him. I will likely be casting about for another target shortly though, as the one that we're doing is coming close to first-edit completion.

Seven years after getting my bachelor's degree, I'm back to school. It really is amazing... I have a family at home, and a regular 8-5 job, but when I walk onto that campus for my masters' degree courses I feel a rush of nostalgia for the days when I was pursuing my bachelor's degree. And all the free time. Wow, that was a ton of free time. Boy, do I miss it a ton too.

One of the major ways my schedule is getting better is a new laptop. I commute to work on the city bus, which is no mean feat in Detroit, MI.... home of the automobile. This means that a twenty-minute drive turns into a seventy-minute bus ride, not to mention the walking involved in getting to and from bus stops. However, the laptop has enabled me to write where it was not very possible before; has anyone really tried writing on a bus (NOT a train) where the best you can hope for is for not many bumps? (Have I told you about Detroit roads? There's lots of cars, to keep it simple...)

Anyway, this means that I can *hopefully* up the output from my side as well. There's been a bunch of recent hits as far as real life is concerned, but they were like driving over a very bumpy road rather than spinning out into the ditch. In other words, I'm still going forward, though more shaken than before. At least I still have employment, and I'm still going forward as far as career goes, and therefore I will see about writing some more to get these ideas out and recorded rather than keeping them all in.

For the few fans of MST3k still out there, keep circulating the tapes. It's so wonderfully low-tech around here, with the monochrome website, videotapes going into VCRs to see below-zero grade special effects... if anything in this world can be labelled simple, even if it's mid-90s technology, it is in the joking protest to pop-culture that MST3k has at its heart... the ability to point at the Emperor because his junk is hanging free, for all to see.

Lastly, thank you all for your support.