01 October 2010

Now, four weeks have passed...

Well, I now know what this blog will be like without my incessant complaining; silent. I don't know if this is an improvement or not, to be honest. I am absolutely thrilled that I really am far happier where I am compared to where I was. There have been bumps in our road, essentially all the transitioning costs plus the disposition of the house that we left behind in Michigan... but to be honest, these are not major issues that require a lot of emotion, they are just things to deal with and move on.

I am still trying to get schedules down though, and Meg and I are extremely close to finishing our first draft of the latest MSTing. I am still looking forward to watching more anime, attending Youmacon in Detroit during Halloween weekend, and posting when I have something good to say. Now, hopefully, the posts will be far more on-topic than before.


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