20 October 2012

Sleeping Douches...

I don't know why I'm surprised...

I just bought 'Sleeping Dogs' on Steam for 1/2 price, I should've known there was something wrong with that from the get-go. Ironically, I passed up getting 'Alpha Protocol' for $4.99 because I knew how buggy it was and figured I'd go with the safer, more stable bet with 'Sleeping Dogs'...

What a fucking joke... and it's on me.

I booted up the game, and yes, my system, video card, drivers, etc are all capable of running the game and they're all up to date. Everything was running fine at the menu screen. And then when I started a new game, it just froze and crashed. I tried adjusting the settings for a while, nothing. I tried the game vanilla, nothing. I tried it with the high resolution patch, nothing, freeze and crash, rinse and repeat.

So I looked on Steam and various other forums for help, and to my great dismay, I found that not only was this crashing problem fairly common, it has yet to be fixed TWO MONTHS after the game was released! Despite about six or so patches being released for the game so far.

This is just mind-boggling to me that a company could be that fucking lazy about fixing such a critical bug. I previously complained about Fallout: New Vegas being buggy during release but they FIXED IT within the first couple of weeks and at least that game had the decency to run for a few hours before crashing.

Apparently now I have to check the technical issue forums of every game I ever think about buying beforehand in order make sure it isn't an unplayable pile of shit. And I don't care if the pirated version works, I don't WANT to be a pirate! I paid for the game, I want it to FUCKING WORK! -_-;

Anyway, I'm planning on complaining to Steam tomorrow and hopefully getting a refund or store credit so this wasn't a complete waste of my time and money. I already tried visiting the Square-Enix forum and the best advice they could give me was 'Make sure your disc isn't scratched'. Wow, thanks, Square-Enix. I can hardly wait to see how badly you're going to fuck up Hitman: Absolution now... ^_^;

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