23 August 2013

Pissed beyond belief.

Laptop #2 was an HP Pavilion dv7.  I say "was", because it's a fricking brick now.  Well, not entirely... but the screen is now officially dead, and I've been told by the estimable people at Best Buy that it costs between $300 and $700 to get it repaired.  NOT worth it, considering that it was $700 to begin with.

So, yeah.  Thanks, HP, for giving me a laptop that CAN'T EVEN LAST TWO EFFING YEARS.  I bought it in December 2011... and now it's not a laptop anymore by August 2013.  Terrific job, you guys.

Anyone know who makes a laptop that can last for more than two years?  The Asus barely made it to the two-year mark, dying in July 2011 after I purchased it in August 2009... yet, the same Best Buy technician said that those were the BEST TWO brands.  (Wow... really?)

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