24 April 2010

Comfortable posting schedule:

I think I've been able to settle into a decent routine for blog posts, doing about one every week to two weeks. That usually allows me enough time to compile enough to write about to warrant a blog post.

The most recent Rifftrax I've been able to view were New Moon and Avatar. Avatar just came out a couple of days ago, both the Rifftrax and the movie, and it was a very solid Rifftrax. The riffers themselves knew exactly how long (and draining) the movie was towards the end, making comment on it, and it certainly was an epic in the time scale alone. The enjoyable part for me with the Avatar rifftrax was that if you don't turn your brain off, you can usually see what the riffers will target next, and the riffs were very good.

Bonus Avatar (the movie) review: it's painfully long, the story is just this side of implausible, I caught myself humming "Colors of the Wind" under my breath, and the ending was so telegraphed. I found myself feeling sorry for pretty much every other character in the movie except the hero. And the hero was a chunderhead jerk to boot, who entirely deserved the name of Gristle McThornbody. The MacGuffin was painfully obvious and could have been dealt with in a way that did not lead up to the subsequent two hours and forty minutes. But the graphics were decent. Woo-hoo, decent graphics...

The New Moon rifftrax was good too. Certain other "contributors" to this blog may disagree with my assessment, but you guys like me better, right? I will admit that the riffing got off to a slow start, but there were quite a few riffs in there that absolutely had a cutting edge... they're the type of riff that you can see is the absolute truth, yet is painful to realize. Considering the aspirations of this movie series and its fans, there are many absolute truths that *should* be realized yet are not. The Rifftrax crew is there to illuminate them to the world. If the Avatar rifftrax was humorous commentary, this movie could certainly be classified as pop-culture skewering, and both are such an integral part of the humor generated from Rifftrax.

As for the personal life, I have one more week left before the semester ends. This essentially means that next week is my final exam. In a class where I'm going to struggle to pass, I really just want to get it done. (I have never taken any class before where I had to struggle to pass, and I really felt like this was my worst professor that I have ever learned from.)

I had a job interview for a job that was about 1000 miles away from my current location. I really am looking to leave my current area because it seems that there is really no way forward unless you know someone who can help you through. I know that this is also 95% of the rest of this country, but there's no 5% other around here.

Unfortunately, only two days after the interview, I received my rejection notice. The email I received did not say in the subject that it was a rejection notice, but it did note that there was an attachment. The eternal optimist that I am, I was hoping that it would be either an itinerary for a face-to-face interview or (gasp) an offer sheet. No, it was just the graphics that are present in the signature, attached as if it were an image. Arrgh. I think this is about the eighth interview or so I've had since 2007, the first this year, not including all the federal positions I'd been applying for. I know and realize that it just takes one acceptance through all these rejections, but they hurt all the same.

So, going full circle, I'm already bummed out and now facing a final exam when I've pretty much stunk at the other two tests in the class. I only hope that I can bring myself up to do a decent job on the final, and to motivate myself to study for it.

The lone bright spot -- the MST that Megane and I have been working on is at final draft status, and will likely be posted within the next two weeks.

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