13 April 2010

Updates for ACen, and NetFlix plug:

We all received an update from Anime Central regarding the fanfic panel. The best that they could do for us was to give us time on Friday, from 12PM through 1:30PM. Therefore, we're up against the opening ceremonies and hoping that all the writers (and/or fans) will show up super-early on Friday. By all means, come on out and hopefully we'll still have a good time.

I signed up for NetFlix recently, and I must say that this $9/month subscription is far better value than the $55/month that I pay for cable. There's just something about a movie that goes right, or even a movie that goes wrong. It's so much more fun to crack jokes at bad movies than it is at bad TV shows. I think it's because busting TV shows is like criticising high-school basketball players for missing shots. They're going to miss shots... it's high school. They're going to make bad shows... it's television.

Movies are a whole other animal, because someone had to approve the specific story line. TV shows don't get that kind of scrutiny. So when a bad movie escapes Hollywood with a huge budget yet sucks on toast, it's sad yet funny.

And of course, you get movies that actually were decent ways to spend time. I watched the Jim Carrey movie "Yes Man" about three times before sending it back to NetFlix. Wasn't terrible, even if it had Zooey Deschanel's huge nose chewing up (or, really, snotting up) scenes. I had a chance to watch "The Men Who Stare at Goats" yesterday, and that was amusing too. Clooney needs a good straight man, but when he gets it he's usually pretty good.

The best part though is that those movies can be given back. While I was laughing at both movies, I was feeling darned good about the fact that I didn't buy either one of them for upwards of $20. Neither of those movies deserve that, especially since I'm not sure I'd willingly put either of them in my DVD player again.

As far as cable goes, there's two options now. Either check it out online (hello, Daily Show and Colbert Report) or get seasons through Netflix. In both circumstances, it's far cheaper than $55/month. Once the cable contract's up, I'm outta there.

The semester is close to ending. Thank heaven for that, as my backlog has grown larger. My significant other bought a copy of "New Moon", and the Rifftrax has been terrific through the first half-hour... though I haven't watched the rest of it. I've still got to finish Transformers 2 (as well as Transformers 1, which is still sitting at home). There's games to finish, and even MSTings to write if I ever get to that point. Much less, jobs to find. Anyone outside Michigan currently hiring?

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