20 September 2012

More political talk.

I'm sorry for the political bent of the blog lately, but I had to post this:

Mr. Governor Romney, I agree with you 100% that the 47% of this country that do not pay taxes SHOULD pay taxes. I have a radical new plan for you, and you don't even have to be President to enact it! You can do it right now!

You ready?

Here's the plan... give everyone a raise! Yep, that's all that's necessary! Make sure that Bain consultants buy all of the companies they can so that they can raise wages for all of the workers at each company. You already know how to arrange for the financing for it, I'm sure. Once you raise their wages, then not only will they be able to pay federal income tax instead of just payroll tax, they can also help the market to recover, making it so that companies will earn more profits and ultimately helping our economy boom again! Wouldn't it be great to bet on stocks that win instead of short-selling stocks that lose?

Thanks for your time Mr. Romney, I expect my finder's fee for this idea in the mail shortly. 

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