17 September 2012

New one-act play -- American Politics, 2012

Absolutely true account with no embellishments, 17 September 2012 (seven weeks prior to the US Presidential election):

{Dramatis Personae:
--Q1-Q7: Overburdened polling worker
--Me: Unsuspecting victim of political process
--Phone: Unwitting telephone with Wisconsin area code.}

Phone: "Ahem - Ring Ring."

["Me" picks up "Phone"]

Q1: "Are you planning to vote in November?"
Me: "Yes"

Q2: "Are you voting for Mitt Romney, Republican or Barack Obama, Democrat?"
Me: "Jill Stein."

Q3: "Who?" (I suspect she's off-script at this point)
Me: "Green Party candidate"

Q4: "I'll put you down for 'undecided' then."
Me: "But I'm very decided."

Q5 (not really Q's at this point, I suppose): "How about 'other'?"
Me: Sure.

Q6: "For Senate, are you planning to vote for Pete Hoekstra, Republican, or Debbie Stabenow, Democrat?"
Me: "I live in Wisconsin."
[Explanatory note: the people listed above are candidates for the upper house seat in Michigan]

Q7: "Oh. Thank you for your time."


Read into it whatever you'd like... no third party in the United States, no knowledge of who's running, polls that end up calling the wrong state, among other issues.

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