14 May 2013

Sierra On-Line 1991 Video Catalog

  Back in the 80s and early 90s, I used to work for a computer store and on Sundays, I sold software and console games at a flea market. On occasion though, we worked at specialty shows such as CompuFest, World of Commodore, and the like.

  During one of these shows that I worked at, Sierra On-Line actually had a booth set up and as you might imagine, it was hard to keep a huge fanboy like me away. They were giving away VHS tapes of their 1991 Video Catalog. I had previously ordered and still own the 1989 catalog from their Sierra News Magazine and have kept the 1991 catalog all these years until I sold it to someone else and made a copy to DVD-R.

  However, I didn't realize just how truly rare this tape was until I visited SierraGamers, which helps preserve Sierra On-Line's history by offering scans of just about every piece of merchandise, magazines, catalogs, etc, Sierra ever put out. I found the 1988 Video Catalog on there, which I didn't know existed, but they didn't have the 1991 version. A search of Google and YouTube, likewise, turned up nothing. So, I decided to rip the DVD-R, and upload the video to YouTube for the world to see and enjoy.

  The link can be found HERE. It's ten and a half minutes long and pretty cheesy to be honest, but I enjoyed it, especially the 'commercial' for the Laffer Utilities. ;P It's a piece of Sierra On-Line history and I'm glad to share it with you all. :)

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