05 May 2013

Quick notes, general maintenance, and slight status update:

Finally, May.  There's just something about this winter that really lasted for quite a while for me.  I suppose my first task is to not write posts like this to invite some instant karma, but now that winter's over and I've been on the new job for two months, I feel far more optimistic.

We have made an effort to step up the posting, and I'm still extremely glad to have the Too Late Reviews series to continue.  I apologize for the recent downswing in posting, but I must admit that I've not been looking out for new stuff lately.  Escaflowne is still progressing and while I don't have too much pinpointed recently, I'll be working on figuring out a few other new articles to post in the next month as well.

On the MSTing front, Megane 6.7 posted his "Let's Play", a commentary for one of the shortest and most bizarre puzzle games I've ever seen, "Paul Quest".  It's pretty much a Rifftrax plus the game video itself, it's in four pieces and about fifty minutes total.  It's also pretty funny, please check it out if you have a few minutes.

In other news, Megane 6.7 and I will also be publishing a new MSTing very shortly.  We'll be announcing it here and posting a link to A MSTing For All Seasons when it is up, so stay tuned to this space!

Thank you to all our new readers.  We're more than happy to take suggestions, so please feel free to drop a comment on this or any other post if there's something you'd like us to review or comment on.  We are cross-platform to some small extent; Megane 6.7 is available on Twitter at @MSTerMegane67 and I am on Twitter at @ZoogzMST.  I also upgraded my Google account to Google+ and hopefully can be found via the name link at the bottom of this post.  I typically write a post on Google+ whenever the blog is updated.  Without cable anymore, I'm not sure if I can do a live commentary on anything going on, but I'll see if I can't get a few more quick-hit comments on Twitter if anyone's reading.  Whichever place attracts activity, I'll be there.

See you again with another #2LR soon!

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