23 July 2010

Interviewing continued:

I must admit, I'm actually somewhat amazed. I received another call yesterday afternoon for an introductory interview, which makes the fourth company that I've received some kind of contact with through the past three weeks. I honestly can't name another time in my life when I had even two active interview requests at the same time, much less four. Of course, not all of them will pan out... I can't do two jobs at the same time. I'm not even sure *one* of them will pan out. However, I must admit to being excited because at this point I'm not even sure where I'll end up in even three months.

As I think about the situation, I'm not unhappy about that. I'm actually kind of geeked... currently, there is some uncertainty in my life, but it doesn't revolve around whether or not I'll be able to pay the bills. It is actually about where I can hopefully find a better place to be able to pay my bills, and a new place to explore and enjoy.

I know that if things go south and the opportunities dry up, I will look back on this post wistfully. Especially since the worst position I've got on my docket is still better than the one I've got. However, I still have a semester here if nothing positive happens in any of these job interviews.

I think that going ACen really gave me a kick in the pants. Part of it was the convention. When I'm around all that art, it really just jolts the brain into gear, it makes you look around and think. The other half was just the ability to take a bit of time away from my job to reexamine exactly what it currently means to me. I believe I mentioned this already in a previous post, I drove home Sunday absolutely depressed due to the fact that I knew I'd have to go to work on Monday. I was essentially alone with that thought through 200 miles and four hours. At the same time, I was driving a vehicle that had so many things wrong with it, we couldn't get it repaired with our current funds. Additionally, I was hoping against hope that the tailpipe wouldn't fall from where I wedged it up into the auto body to avoid it dragging on the pavement. It amazed me to think that I had to specifically save and scrimp just for the $100 of gas and food when other people are able to drop that kind of money on nothing more than a whim. Especially people who I know are less capable than myself when it comes to work.

All of that really put my current work situation into stark focus. While I would absolutely like to finish my Econ degree first, I just cannot work through another four years of short funds and a pitiful work experience. Yeah, this may sound like petulant whining to some people, especially those without options, but I've certainly put my own time in to grow my career and I think that I've worked for too little for too long.

If any of you guys out there had a hand in trying to get me interviews, my thanks in advance. I know that both you readers and I will be grateful when all this process is over.

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