15 July 2010

A pause in the Summer of Anime:

I've noticed that I've been quiet for the previous week and a half. There is a good reason for this, though. It's because no one cares to hear about my mad general skillz in "Rise of Nations". I always tend to fall into that game for a couple months at a time since getting it a few years ago. No more comments will be uttered, I'm sure no one cares. I have been watching My Hime through episode 4, but I have no opinions as of yet (except for how grown-up Mai Tokiha's seiyuu sounds, it's almost off-putting to hear an adult say some of those splutters and exclamations).

Additionally, I've finally made some headway in job hunting. Things seem to be coming to a head Friday (tomorrow), I've got a lot of talking to do in the morning and the afternoon. I'm hoping for the best from both.

It seems like it's going to get hot again, so stay frosty!

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