20 July 2010

More waiting...

There's another set of Rifftrax that I received a short time ago that need reviewing, and plenty more episodes of My HiME that need watching in order for me to review. Just like the last post, this title has a double meaning too... I'm waiting on answers, and you're likely waiting on reviews. There seems to be a very good opportunity for me coming up, I will be travelling next week in order to speak face-to-face as a third interview. Additionally, while the other position hasn't answered through the previous two days, I obtained another phone call. I think I may need a scoreboard in order to explain all of this out:

1st place: Job with third interview, face-to-face next week.
2nd place: Job with two interviews, awaiting word if a third interview is requested, have been cooling my heels through two business days (and a weekend, which makes it seem like forever).
3rd place: Job with first interview coming up in the next couple days.
Last place: BigConglomCoInc. and all the crap they put me through. (They're always in last place, even when they're the only one.)

Thankfully, of the three, the job in first place is the one that I would choose if given a choice. Of course though, I'm waiting just like you guys are. I swear I've been doing some stuff, like riffing on the newest MSTing Megane 6.7 and I have been writing as well as watching a few episodes of My HiME, I happen to be through episode 8. I don't have any other strong opinions about it, though the cast of magical girls seems to grow greater by the show. Nothing but an observation... I don't mind a large cast to some extent.

I will be dragging the laptop along with me next week, when the interview happens, I'll be sure to stick something on the blog when I get a chance. I think my toes would cramp if I kept them crossed for the next several days.

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