16 July 2010

Playing awfully coy

The title actually refers to two things. Firstly, I definitely don't want to get my own hopes up, but I felt very good about both interviews today. I think I did well, and while I received semi-vague promises from one for a third interview and a follow-up call from the other asking my availability for a follow-up interview, I have nothing *specific*. Therefore, it's still life-as-normal. I can absolutely say that I am happy with the way I interviewed though, and I would not be hurt if either job fell through because I know I did my best and I can't name any other time in my life that I've been able to handle interviews better. I can happily say that it's just a matter of time, whether it's weeks or months... just time separates me from hopefully a fulfilling career where I can support my family better.

The other thing that's playing awfully coy is My HiME. It only took four episodes for My HiME's protagonists to fall victim to lecherous "underwear thieves". The writers and director of the show are all surreptitious about the characters they've made, hinting very heavily about the fanservice and trying to get to some point without going too far. One of the protagonists accidentally flashes a male student, ever so barely off-frame, who nosebleeds very stereotypically. Later in the same episode, a minor female character notes... nay, dwells on and shows every single type of lingerie the protagonists hang out on strings of Christmas lights in order to trap said underwear thieves. In episode five, there's reference to loli chasing. All of it adds up to time lost actually fleshing out a plot by going down backroads not necessary.

In the first few episodes, please do not make fanservice the primary push of a series. It makes me not interested, because I want a plot. I enjoy the magical girl angle, having been a Moonie for a decade and a half. The weirdest thing is that I'm a Moonie yet there's almost no plot there, just repetitive minion battles until the boss finally trots out. So, the point is that it doesn't take a whole lot to keep me happy. I hope that there's more substance in the next few episodes.

Tomorrow, suit and shoe shopping. Even if both third interviews fall through, I need some new interviewing clothes for the face-to-face that *doesn't* fall through.

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