28 July 2010

The waiting game

I almost wrote this blog post two days ago. It will likely be word-for-word as what I had planned back then, too. It's due to the fact that there's absolutely no updates throughout the beginning of this week. All *four* of the companies I am waiting on have pretty much kept me cooling my heels. One of them was justified, which is the interview I will be conducting at the end of this week. However, I feel as if I should have received information back on the other three. I'll repost the scoreboard to keep confusion at bay:

First place: Company with third interview, no change from mid-last week due to the fact that the next meeting is planned.

Second place: Company with first interview, they called last week and had stated that they would set up a face-to-face with me the following week but have not provided an itinerary or a confirmation as of yet.

Third place: Company with second interview, it's now been eight business days--a full week and a half--since my last contact with them.

Fourth place: Company with first interview given in the second half of last week, was told that I would be contacted at the beginning of this week.

Last place: You know these people, I've talked about them more than enough.

(For those scoring at home, the new second place is due to the conversations I'd had with the company last week, where they had told me that they were really looking for someone with advancement potential because they want to give them the opportunity to advance. Between that and the huge lag in time between interviews, old second place became the new third place)

Of course, I've been given even more ammunition through this week as to why last place remains in last place, which just makes information regarding any of the above that much more sought after. I've been clicking on my mailbox once every five or so minutes throughout the first three days this week. As a matter of fact, I'm late to my next click.....

....still nothing. Waiting stinks. It's really a bummer when you realize that while the very place that you work at and earn money at is a major consideration for you but HR has so many other issues to deal with.

This post will be SO dated in about two weeks.

Postscript: The other issue that's currently worrying me is that they've put bus funding up for a vote here in town. There's been a couple of stories posted in the newspapers and on the news which actually have been misleading and completely not helpful. Of course, I am biased in a very specific direction on this issue. If this vote does not pass, I will have an extremely hard time trying to figure out how I will go back and forth to work on a daily basis, especially since I have come to depend on the bus and I definitely do not have the money to purchase a vehicle, keep it gassed, and provide for upkeep.

I am scared that the vote will go badly as well, because Detroit itself is not involved in the voting, just the suburbs around Detroit. The biggest travesty is that the vote is only to *continue* funding the buses, not to raise taxes. I don't know why such a system would have a time limit, especially since you have to have a major outlay in order to start a system and if the system is abolished, there's no more buses and you have to figure out how to get rid of them. If the system is then reestablished, you have to buy vehicles all over again! Uggh, I know what has happened through the last few years when I depend on people to make correct decisions the first time, BigConglomCo has taught me that people are selfish jerks that don't listen. I hope to heck that this is yet another time that BigConglomCo is wrong, but I really am apprehensive.

So, therefore, on to the first-place job and hopefully some sort of prosperity that I can actually go forward with!

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