06 July 2010

The "no new news" update:

Just what it says above. About the only thing of note, other than the lack of responses to my resume, is that I've finally received my copy of Mai Hime and I will likely be starting that shortly. My last note is that I echo all Megane 6.7 related below about "Danger on Tiki Island", it's a very solid Cinematic Titanic offering. The jokes were great, there were a few terrific riffs (Mary Jo stepped up big time when the female lead first met the monster), and the crowd had a good energy about them. If I were to have only one complaint, it would be the rapid-fire riffing that started the show... it's almost as if they threw everything against the wall to see what would stick.

It's been HOT the past few days here, I'm hoping that the heat will break soon. I'm not sure if I've been quite so irritable as I've been the past three days. My one day off (5 July) was not enjoyable in the least because of all the heat. I can't wait for Friday and cooler temperatures, it's a group Rifftrax night... talking to Meg while Avatar and its accompanying Rifftrax plays behind.

Please, everyone, stay frosty!


melissa said...

sorry the 5th sucked sorry your family is so boring

Zoogz said...

No, spending time with the family was fun, but the heat made things uncomfortable. I dislike sweat only due to the fact that it tends to get into my eyes constantly, and there's really no easy way for me to avoid it.

Hopefully, there won't be too many more weeks like the previous one, where it's almost too hot to think.